Designed For More.

More Income.
More Freedom.
More Life.


Designed For More.

More Income.
More Freedom.
More Life.


Dial-in and Grow Your Business

Increase Your Revenue Easier and Faster Than Ever Before

Transform Your Creative Career

Win That Promotion, Raise Your Rates, Launch Your Agency

About Alchemie


years in the making




Alchemie is the online training destination for small business owners and creative professionals wanting more.

Here we share over 35 years of award-winning agency expertise in brand building, client and customer connection strategies, business growth, and creative leadership, in an easy to learn and implement format.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs come to learn the precise adjustments they need to resonate more deeply with their audience, close more business and serve more clients.

Creative Professionals come to learn how to advance their careers, to finally earn more and have more.

Some come to break free from being tactical creators (escaping the race to the bottom),  to become creative leaders, well equipped to win executive-level roles, command higher fees, or launch and grow their own agencies.

About Our Founder


Kerri Konik has been a creative leader advising, mentoring and teaching throughout her career.

As a professor in two departments at Parsons School of Design, for over a decade she has taught hundreds of students and mentored dozens of creative professionals.

As a Chief Creative Officer, a Chief Brand Strategist and a 5-time agency entreprenuer, she proves you can excel as a creative, doing what you love, and leading a life you are proud of, by design.

She founded Alchemie to bring this capability to everyone who wants more success in their work, to fuel and fund more freedom to be more, do more, and have more of whatever lights you up.

Hear How People Achieve More with Alchemie

People from around the world, just like you, are elevating themselves, their business and their success using the strategies and skills they gain at Alchemie.

“I learned how to adjust our messaging to resonate with our ideal clients, and 3x’ed our revenue in 6 months.”

Change Management Consulting CEO

“We standardized our customer journey/client experience to transform our one-time into life-time clients.”

Luxury Interior Design President

“I repositioned our services and expanded our audience niche unlocking access to our dream clients.”

Boutique Influencer Agency CEO

“I learned what I needed to pivot from a freelancer mindset in order to raise my rates and rip the ceiling off my average contract value.”

Brand Design Agency Owner, Australia

“I got clarity on what job I wanted to go after, gained the confidence to apply, interview and win the Senior Director role on a dream team.”

From Designer to Director, USA

“I learned a better sales process and stopped wasting time with dead-beat prospects to now cherry-pick who I let into my studio. Game changing. ”

Solopreneur, Boston, USA

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Alchemie is the online training destination for small business and creative professionals designed for more.

More Income, More Freedom, More Life.